Ondiek Elijah

Software Engineer, Technical Writer & Community Advocate

Hello World! My name is Ondiek Elijah Ochieng aka “Dev Elie”. I’m a Software Engineer, a technical article writer and a community defender.

I have 3+ years of experience writing Python and JavaScript code, creating notable personal projects, doing excellent work for my clients, and experience working in a busy tech setting. I work as a contract technical writer, and my responsibilities include developing tutorial applications, writing tests, integrating with CircleCI and other CI/CD platforms, and documenting.

As a big supporter of community service, I'm proud of my recent accomplishment as a speaker at the Safaricom Engineering Summit. This experience has heightened my public speaking strengths and looking forward to more. I also spoke on "Effective Testing with Python" at the 3rd Annual Pycon Conference, among other topics.

I'm a FreeCodeCamp, SheCodeAfrica, Nairobi, and Lux Tech Academy contributor and an active Beta Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador, GDSC Lead, and AWS Community Builder.

During my years of professional development, I've been able to gain professional and practical knowledge of the following programming languages and tools.

Languages: HTML5, CSS3, Python, JavaScript (ES6), SQL

Frameworks: Flask, FastAPI, React, Node.js, Express.js, Bootstrap5

Tools and Others: Git, GitHub, Docker, AWS, Azure, Heroku, Digital Ocean, Sanity.io, GraphCMS, GraphQL, Netlify, CircleCI, Harness CI, MySQL, MongoDB and PostgreSQL databases, Cypress, Pact, Pytest, Jest, Chai, Mocha, Linux, Rest APIs.

I'm actively looking for a new position as a Software Engineer and would appreciate being notified of any new openings, referrals, or recommendations.


Contract Technical Writer  @  Tech-Varcity
January 2022 - Present
Responsible for coding tutorial applications utilising Python and JavaScript frameworks and writing integration tests using Pytest and Jest.
Integrating applications with CircleCI for automated builds and tests.
Documenting steps taken in making an application, testing, and Integrating with CircleCI.
Software Engineer Intern  @  Itesyl Technologies
May 2022 - Present
Maintaining and implementing new features on the existing business API and WhatsApp bot.
Work with a variety of different technologies, such as, Node.js, Express.js, React, Bootstrap5, Flask, PostgreSQL to name a few.
Crafted a modern UI for Itesyl.com and kodeec.com.
Freelance Software Developer  @ 
April 2020 - Present
Building modern websites for clients using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Bootstrap5, Sanity CMS and GraphCMS.
Some of the clients I have worked with include: Memaafrica, Jasiri and Wengiweb.